Let's Go To Italy!

Have you always dreamed of a trip to Italy?

Have you previously visited Italy where your itinerary was full of notable tourist destinations and now wish you could experience la dolce vita as Italians live it?

I can help you make those dreams a reality!

My name is Diane.  I fell in love with Italy when I was 15 years old during a trip to visit relatives and the small village where my Grandmother was from. Since that first trip I have returned many times, visiting major sites and cities but also experiencing places that most American tourists don't go. 

In creating Andiamo In Italia, I am excited to share my love of Italy with others; by not only arranging visits to big city destinations such as Rome, Florence and Venice, but by encouraging unique experiences and visits to off-the-beaten-path places. Want to lie in a Tuscan hot spring for free? Ride horses in the mountains near the Italian Riviera? Tour family owned businesses that define Italy? No problem!

Contact me today and let’s create a trip you will never forget. Andiamo in Italia! 



"Diane’s planning resulted in a flawless trip to incredible places."

-Gary K.